Rails Network


Our commitment is to empower and educate investors by providing a range of resources and safeguards that foster a strong and vibrant community. Let's explore how we achieve this:
Access and Knowledge: One of our core objectives is to ensure accessibility and transparency. We achieve this by offering a gamified learning experience through in-person and online educational programs. These initiatives aim to empower investors with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed investment decisions within the Steam Exchange ecosystem. Our commitment to providing educational resources helps break down barriers and promotes responsible participation.
Vetting Projects and Safeguards: To maintain the integrity and value of the Rails Network blockchain and the entire ecosystem, we employ rigorous vetting processes and implement essential safeguards. We prioritize projects with genuine utility, discouraging the inclusion of "value" or meme tokens that can lead to pump and dump schemes. Off-chain safeguards include mandatory audits conducted by reputable and preapproved prominent DeFi audit firms. We also focus on marketing transparency, non-anonymous founders/owners, and fostering authentic partnerships. On-chain safeguards encompass measures such as unique token names, avoiding fake affiliations, implementing locked liquidity, and deploying anti-rug mechanisms.
Ensuring Organic Growth and Long-Term Value: By prioritizing organic growth and genuine utility, we aim to create a sustainable and resilient ecosystem within the Rails Network. Our commitment to these principles safeguards the interests of our community members and helps build long-term value for all participants.
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