Rails Network


One of the primary objectives of the Steam Exchange platform is to offer access and transparency with the goal of assisting and providing knowledge to allow investors to make the most responsible investment decision. The platform can achieve that by offering gamified, in-person, and online learning in addition to vetting projects and ensuring adequate safeguards are in place. Those will be the barriers to accessing the Rails Network blockchain and the entire ecosystem. For example, to ensure organic growth, genuine utility will be required for all (RTS-20) tokens, i.e. no "value"/meme tokens - there will be no pump and dump tokens.
The Off-chain safeguards include a required audit (by preapproved, whitelisted prominent defi audit firms), an achievable roadmap, marketing transparency, non-anonymous founders/owners, no empty partnerships, etc.
The on-chain safeguards include unique token names, no fake affiliations, locked liquidity, anti-rug, etc.
Last modified 10mo ago