Rails Network


The Rails Network Launchpad is another tool created for the community and for promising, vetted projects. The launchpad provides (authorized) users with the capability of launching smart contracts on our MainNet through an initial presale. To increase investor trust (in both, the projects and the Rails Network) some features that are optional in typical launchpads DApps on other networks will be compulsory:
  • Liquidity (LP) lock
  • 100% of total supply need to be in circulation (e.g no team tokens)
Projects deployed to the Rails Network must:
  • Have a unique name (ticker)
  • Be audited
  • Go through a rigorous vetting process as deemed fit by Steam Exchange Inc.
  • Not evoke (fake) affiliation e.g. by including Elon, Musk, Doge, etc. in the token name
The launchpad will offer features for presale, airdrops, liquidity locks as well as token tools such as: anti-bot, anti-rug, time-lock, accidental deposit withdrawal, and such.


The Steam Exchange ethos is to be a safe space for qualified investors across all digital assets. Our number one priority is to provide a safe and secure environment for end users and investors. There are numerous off-chain tools and requirements for projects / digital assets to be listed. Aside from rigorous vetting the Rails Network itself has numerous tools to prevent malicious conduct within our ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

Deployment of smart contracts to the MainNet will be restricted to authorized developers only. Any attempt to deploy a smart contract by an unauthorized wallet will fail; the transaction will fail/revert and the gas (fee) will be burned.
Authorized developers will be stored on-chain in a smart contract deployed natively onto the chain (in the genesis block). At launch and for the time being the approval process will be handled manually (off-chain) nevertheless the mechanism can be fully decentralized (e.g. via blockchain governance).