Rails Network
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Our Launchpad is designed to empower the community and provide a platform for vetted and promising projects. With a focus on trust, security, and innovation, the Rails Network Launchpad offers a range of features and requirements to ensure the success and integrity of projects launched on our MainNet.
Compulsory Features for Trust and Transparency: To foster investor trust and enhance the reputation of both projects and the Rails Network, certain features that are typically optional on other launchpads become compulsory within our ecosystem. These include:
Liquidity (LP) Lock: Projects launching on the Rails Network must implement a liquidity lock, ensuring the stability and transparency of the token's liquidity pool.
Total Supply in Circulation: To promote fairness and avoid concerns about team tokens or withheld supply, 100% of the total token supply must be in circulation unless otherwise determined by the vetting team.
Additional Launchpad Requirements: Projects deployed to the Rails Network undergo a rigorous vetting process, including audits and evaluations as determined by Steam Exchange Inc. We prioritize unique token names (tickers) to prevent confusion or misleading affiliations. Token names should not falsely evoke associations with prominent figures like Elon Musk or popular cryptocurrencies like Doge.
Comprehensive Token Tools: The launchpad offers an array of token tools to support projects, including features for presales, airdrops, liquidity locks, and various safeguards such as anti-bot and anti-rug mechanisms, time-locks, accidental deposit withdrawal prevention, and more. These tools empower projects to build a strong foundation and enhance investor confidence.
Anti-Scam Measures: At Steam Exchange, ensuring a safe and secure environment is our top priority. We implement off-chain tools and requirements to vet projects and digital assets before listing them on the Rails Network. Within our ecosystem, we have built-in tools to detect and prevent malicious conduct, creating a safe space for qualified investors.
Smart Contract Deployment: Deployment of smart contracts on the MainNet is limited to authorized developers. Unauthorized attempts to deploy smart contracts will fail, with the transaction reverting and the gas (fee) burned. Authorized developers are stored on-chain within a smart contract deployed natively onto the chain, recorded in the genesis block. While the approval process is initially handled manually (off-chain) at launch, the mechanism has the potential to become fully decentralized through blockchain governance.