Rails Network


The Rails Network client proactively sends job updates to the mining pools (validators) as soon as they appear (instead of having the pool software pinging the RPC node every x number of seconds, e.g. Miningcore every 0.5s), thus minimizing the communication delays between the node/blockchain client and the (Miningcore) pool software. The uncle rates are thus significantly improved.


The mining pool responsible for mining the last block will be awarded a static block reward of STX. The usual Pay-Per-Last-N-Shares (PPLNS) method to distribute pool rewards is used [*]. To prevent pool 'hopping' rewards are applied (paid) only after 100 blocks since joining the pool (~5minutes).
The number of additional STX introduced into the system via the mining rewards will be up to a maximum range of 1-3%[*] of the total (initial supply) per year; see Token Economy.
  • Reward (one mining + one staking) = [Total (Initial) Supply] * 0.01-0.03 (1-3%) / 31556952 (seconds in 365.2425d) * Avg. Block Time
  • e.g. 10,000,000 total initial supply and 3s avg block time => 0.02852 token
  • e.g. 350,000,000 total initial supply and 3s avg block time => 0.9982 token (i.e. 1 STX)
[*] - subject to change before launch
Last modified 10mo ago