Rails Network


By fine-tuning critical elements such as block size, block interval, mining node power, and consensus mechanisms, we ensure outstanding performance that meets the following goals:
Average Block Time: The Rails Network operates with an average block time of approximately 3-5 seconds. This rapid block generation enables swift transaction processing and enhances overall system responsiveness.
Expected Transactions per Second (TPS): To support high transaction volumes, the Rails Network is engineered to handle an expected range of 50-500 transactions per second (Rails Network Testnet). This scalability empowers seamless and efficient execution of diverse decentralized applications.
Finality in Under a Minute: The network strives to achieve finality within a minute, ensuring speedy confirmation and reliability of transactions. By reducing confirmation times, we enhance user experience and foster a responsive ecosystem.
Aggressive Block Propagation: In contrast to traditional networks where successfully mined blocks are propagated to a random subset of peers, the Rails Network adopts an aggressive approach. All new blocks are instantly propagated to all nodes and validators within the Mining Pool Set (MPS). This ensures rapid dissemination of block information across the network, promoting efficiency and consensus among participants.
By optimizing these parameters and implementing a robust infrastructure, the Rails Network creates an environment primed for high-performance blockchain operations. As the network evolves, we continue to refine and enhance our performance capabilities, ensuring that the Rails Network remains at the forefront of scalability and efficiency.