Rails Network

RTS-20 Token Standard

RTS-20 serves as the interface standard, empowering developers to create token smart contracts and unlock the potential of digital assets.
Developers Can:
  • Tokenize Assets: With the RTS-20 Token Standard, developers gain the ability to issue new tokens, digitally representing a wide range of assets. Whether it's real-world assets, virtual goods, or unique collectibles, the tokenization process enables seamless digitization, opening doors to new possibilities.
  • Migrate Existing DApps: The flexibility of the RTS-20 Token Standard allows developers to migrate their existing decentralized applications (DApps) to the Rails Network effortlessly. Seamlessly transition your projects and leverage the enhanced features and benefits offered by our blockchain ecosystem.
  • Create Wallets and Tools: Empower users to engage with DApps effectively by developing wallets and tools tailored for the Rails Network. Enhance user experience, simplify interactions, and provide seamless access to the diverse array of decentralized applications thriving on our platform.
Miners Can:
  • Mine STEAMX with Ease: Miners can utilize their existing mining rigs or leverage commonly used mining software to mine STEAMX, the native coin of the Rails Network. By joining one of our official mining pools, miners can contribute to the network's security while earning rewards for their computational efforts.
  • Host a Master/Pool Node: Qualified individuals can apply to host a Master/Pool node within the Rails Network. Subject to rigorous vetting and compliance processes, this opportunity allows dedicated individuals to play an integral role in maintaining the network's integrity and decentralization.
  • Host a Relay Node: Another option available to miners is to apply to host a Relay node, contributing to the seamless flow of information and transactions within the Rails Network. This role ensures the network operates smoothly, enhancing overall performance and user experience.
(*) Subject to rigorous vetting and compliance processes. Subject to change.