Rails Network


These tools are designed to simplify DApp development, enhance knowledge of the network, and empower users to interact seamlessly with the Rails Network. Let's explore the key tools and features:
Block Explorer: Our comprehensive Block Explorer tool allows users to inspect and analyze the Rails Network. With familiar features such as block and uncle displays, transaction details, and token information including holders, transactions, and verified source code, users can gain deep insights into the network's activities. We will have a Testnet and Mainnet explorer
Mining Pools: The Validators/Mining Pools section includes a fully responsive website frontend that provides robust details and tools. Users can access information on pool hashrate, network hashrate, payouts, fees, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). This intuitive interface empowers miners and validators to monitor and manage their operations efficiently.
Testnet: For testing, experimentation, and development purposes, the Rails Network offers a dedicated Testnet instance. Powered by the same underlying software and hardware as the Mainnet, the Testnet allows developers to safely explore the network's features and build applications in a controlled environment.
Testnet Faucet: To support developers in their experimentation, the Testnet Faucet is a web-based service that provides free Testnet tokens. Developers can obtain these tokens without spending cryptocurrency on the Mainnet, enabling them to experiment with the features and capabilities of the Rails Network.
Cross-Chain Swap: Enjoy seamless token swaps between different blockchains with our cross-chain swap feature. Swap tokens between the Rails Network and other prominent chains, unlocking new possibilities for decentralized finance.
Launchpad: As previously mentioned, the Launchpad is a powerful tool that empowers developers to launch RTS-20 tokens through an initial presale. This feature facilitates the growth of innovative projects within the Rails Network, providing a platform for developers to showcase and launch their token offerings.