Rails Network


Blockchain tools simplify the DApp development and expand knowledge of the network. The Steam Exchange ecosystem will provide the following tools/DApps:
  • Block Explorer: a tool for inspecting and analyzing the Rails Network including all the most common and familiar features such as block/uncle display, transaction details, token information (holders, transactions, verified source code), etc
  • Mining Pools: validators / mining pools includes a self-contained, fully responsive website frontend including robust details and tools such as pool hashrate, network hashrate, payouts, fee, faqs etc.
  • TestNet: a Rails Network instance powered by the same underlying software and hardware for testing, experimenting and development of tools for the MainNet
  • TestNet Faucet: a web-based service to provide free TestNet tokens to developers to experiment with the Rails Network features without spending the cryptocurrency on the MainNet.
  • Bridges: Trustless (decentralized) token bridges enabling cross-chain transaction between the Rails Network and the (two) biggest chains for DeFi = Ethereum and BSC
  • Launchpad: as already mentioned, the Launchpad enables developers to launch RTS-20 tokens through an initial presale
Last modified 10mo ago