Node Operators & Mining Pool

Attention miners and node operators! The Rails Network blockchain offers unparalleled mining and community-upkeep opportunities with our hybrid PoWbA consensus mechanism. Our decentralized network provides a fair and secure environment for miners and node operators to participate and earn rewards while contributing to the stability and security of the network. Our network prides itself on having a minimal barrier-to-entry in terms of computing resources and provides a global networking opportunity through our mining pools.
With our unique consensus mechanism and approach, you can achieve high-performance mining with low energy consumption, ensuring that your operation is both profitable and sustainable. Plus, our advanced node management tools and monitoring capabilities make it easy to optimize your operations and achieve maximum uptime. With our comprehensive documentation and expert technical support, you can rest assured that you have the resources you need to succeed. With our easy-to-use mining pools and node operator tools, you can effortlessly join our network and start earning rewards today – more information around how you can participate to be shared shortly – stay tuned.
Starting State:
Steam Exchange will manage the initial node/pool as the need for a second node will not arise until significant scaling and volume begins to come in.
From day 1, our global userbase and community can join the mining pools and help with validation.
A portion of rewards collected by Steam Exchange will be burned. A portion of the tokens will be locked and reserved as part of the payment mechanism for Node Operators in the future. This will help offset any sell pressure.
Steady State:
Steam Exchange will pause the mining pool on its Validator Node and onboard a node operator/pool operator(s) to run a node in parallel to Steam Exchange infrastructure.
The rewards collected by Steam Exchange will be burned after infrastructure expenses are covered.