Rails Network - Native Blockchain

Introducing the Rails Network - a secure, standalone L1 blockchain designed to act as the ‘backbone’ to the entire Steam Exchange ecosystem, and play host to various decentralized applications, communities, and projects. The Rails Network offers robust performance and security, with anti-scam features and a sustainable PoWbA consensus mechanism. Our engineering objectives include preventing malicious teams from hosting projects within our ecosystem and expanding functionality to incorporate the latest trends in the crypto ecosphere. The Proof-of-Work-by-Authority (PoWbA) consensus mechanism maintains the usual advantages of the typical PoW approach such as easy entry, proven & tested security, (relatively) easy implementation and at the same time addresses many of the shortcomings such as high energy consumption, 51% attack, specialized/expensive hardware requirement (to be competitive). The Rails Network estimated avg. block time (3-5s) and the consensus architecture, finality can be easily achieved in under a minute.
With seamless EVM compatibility and a native Steam Exchange Coin (Ticker TBD) as the base trading pair, the Rails Network is ready to revolutionize the world of decentralized applications. Join us on this exciting journey towards a safer, more adaptable, and sustainable future.
Discover a new world of possibilities with the Rails Network - apply to build directly via our website. We will reach out to select projects post the initial intake from our website.

Design principles and detailed specifications on the Rails Network can be found here - https://docs.steamexchange.io/rails-network/