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Steam Exchange is an upcoming Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform (Centralized, and Decentralized built into a singular infrastructure). It was founded in 2021 and is registered as a corporation in Canada.
Steam Exchange is a global initiative with a Canadian Core. Steam Exchange will be headquartered in Canada and plans on having locations and full service offerings based across the globe.
Steam Exchange is managed by:
  • Chris Beckford - A seasoned IT Project Manager. Chris has strong experience in Data Center Consolidation, and Network Infrastructure Security. Chris has worked with multiple Fortune 500 organizations such as IBM.
  • Neville Divecha - A former Senior IT Infrastructure and Security consultant. Neville has experience working with multiple Fortune 500 organizations such as DHL Express.
  • Viraf Chapgar - Has expertise across e-commerce and marketing, along with his pragmatic and global approach strengthen the foundations of the core team. In his former role, he was a business consultant for a Fortune 500 company with oversight across the Asia Pacific region.
Steam Exchange is based on a 'built from the ground up' approach. Our platform with first of its kind features, will truly be your one stop solution for all things digital assets. We aim to provide services and functions that allow you to trade safely, confidently, and freely. Feature packed while maintaining a superior user interface; enabling a well balanced, Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform.

Physical Locations

Steam Exchange is currently on the hunt for our first physical location in Toronto, Ontario. The presence of physical locations allows the organization to bridge the gap on trust, and learning. Steam Exchange plans on providing a safe space for individuals to learn, expand, and evolve into experienced digital asset enthusiasts by offering learning at all levels. Beginning with introductory courses to familiarize oneself with the absolute basics before a single trade is facilitated and transitioning into full training on how to perform effective Technical Analysis. Physical offerings will start in Canada and become rapidly available as we expand around the world.

Native Coin & Blockchain (Smart Chain)

Steam Exchange has expanded their Canadian Blockchain Development Team to further engineer their Native Steam Exchange Coin, and Blockchain. The Native Coin will act as the main trading pair for the platform where all trading to, and from other digital assets begin and end with the Steam Exchange Native Coin. The Blockchain will be designed with utility, speed, and cost efficiency in mind. Our open ended engineering allows for the Steam Exchange Blockchain to expand beyond the internal ecosystem to provide an all encompassing experience in regards to utility, security, and scalability.

Foundational Guidelines

The core team has, and always will believe that transparency is the key to success. With our open door policy paired with constant availability, we will always put our ethics and honesty above all else.
  • Constant updates and announcements
  • Constant marketing and advertising
  • Constant delivery of platform milestones
Steam Exchange aims to be the best:
  • Employer - A melting pot for unique individuals to grow and embark on a lifelong career in the crypto ecosphere.
  • Investment - An organization with strong fundamentals and even stronger innovation; we aim to always place our communities interests, and family of investors first.
  • Trading Facilitator - Equipped with informational and learning resources, Steam Exchange strives to build a long-term user base of smarter investors.