Steam Exchange

Steam Exchange Stage 1

Functional Proof of Concept

What is a Functional Proof of Concept?

A functional proof of concept is a prototype, or beta typically derived from a vision, or idea. The prototype or beta demonstrates that a design concept, and/or platform is feasible.

What did Steam Exchange Achieve in Stage 1?

Development of Stage 1 began well before even our first social media profile was created. Stage 1 was the culmination of a vision for a safe, confident digital asset platform and spanned more than 6 months of development.
During Stage 1, Steam Exchange configured, and implemented our backend infrastructure. This infrastructure included:
  • Full stack implementation
  • Development/Production integration into GitLab
  • BTC/ETH nodes
  • Stress test trading for infrastructure scaling
  • KYC servers/validators
  • Global platform management modules
  • Basic frontend UI/UX to test backend capabilities
Stage 1 User Interface