Steam Exchange

Education Modules

One of the most fundamental principles of Steam Exchange is our ambition to provide intuitive, immersive, and accessible learning.
In order to reach the widest audience, we plan to deliver our learning modules through three methods catered specifically to different demographics and learning types:
1) Online - Learn through media, and digital resources delivered in an immersive and digestible format.
2) Gamified - Learn through a personalized visual novel RPG. Enter a world tailored specifically to your learning curve. Guiding you through our learning modules and touching on key areas of your educational journey.
3) In Person - Walk into any Steam Exchange physical location to enroll in any of our modules for traditional, in person learning.


1) Introduction to Digital Assets
  • What is a digital asset?
  • How has digital assets evolved in modern day?
  • What is the future of digital assets and blockchain technology?
2) Technical Analysis
  • Charting Fundamentals
  • Charting Tools & Resources
  • Charting Strategies
3) Trading
  • How to use Steam Exchange Quick Swap
  • How to use Steam Exchange Swap
  • How to use Steam Exchange Pro
  • Sandbox Trading Environment to bring it all together
Steam Exchange aims to facilitate mass adoption of Digital Assets through the power of learning. Our modules will continue to evolve in order to create an entire generation of smarter investors.