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Steam Exchange - Trifecta of Trading Environments

Integration into Steam Exchange - Centralized

We understand that the crypto ecosphere is constantly evolving. We plan on remaining innovative and developing mechanisms to stay ahead of the ever growing demand for a fully robust and trustworthy digital asset trading platform. One of the largest problems platforms face is the making/taking of the market. To solve this problem, Steam Exchange, through its 'built from the ground up' approach will integrate many decentralized components to lend a helping hand in taking and filling orders.
Allow us to present a scenario: Timmy wants to sell 100 Bitcoin (BTC), however, most exchanges do not have this type of liquidity on hand, nor the market to take such an order. In normal circumstances, the market of the exchange would not be able to fill the order and Timmy would be left having to cancel his trade. Through Steam Exchange however, once the platforms market fills the bulk of Timmy's order, his trade will then transition to the Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform to fulfill the remainder of his order.
The Trifecta of Trading Environments:
Swap: We have pioneered a trustless trading function that allows you to trade digital assets without ever connecting your wallet. Our proprietary hybrid exchange technology allows for trades accessing multiple liquidity pools reducing fees and slippage. The way this works is:
1) You would input a digital asset you would like to sell
2) Input the quantity you would like to sell
3) Select what digital asset you would like to receive.
Steam Exchange will then take that data and create a new wallet ready to accept your digital asset. Once received and validated, Steam Exchange will release the digital asset you are requesting to the source wallet.
Quick Swap: Access our DEX, a fast, beginner friendly, and cost effective method of trading your favorite cryptocurrencies. Designed with global investors in mind. Swap will allow you to connect a non-custodial wallet to complete your trading needs. Our cross chain technology allows for trades across all your favorite blockchains.
SteamX Pro - Our fully robust trading solution. The charting platform gives you access to essential trading tools and deep market liquidity. Use limit/market orders and all the essential trading tools and indicators required to execute your best trading strategies. Hybrid cross chain integrations allow trades to access multiple liquidity pools minimizing low liquidity slippage. Our powerful API allows you to easily plug into numerous software and services. The Steam Exchange native blockchain integration ensures low fees to get the most out of your trades.

Listing of Prominent & Vetted DeFi Projects

Our Hybrid Digital Asset Trading Platform will allow for representation across the DeFi space. You can rest assured that projects listed on Steam Exchange will go through a rigorous compliancy exercise to ensure that Steam Exchange remains a safe, and confident trading environment for our community. Even prior to our platform launch, we have been solicitated by multiple listing offers; we appreciate the interest in our platform but are currently not accepting any listing proposals at this time.
Note: More details about our vetting process will be released as Stage 3 evolves.